Air Conditioner Fan Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

13. Dezember 2021 | Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are very common home appliances in today’s world that help to provide fresh air to rooms. They are working fine when it is new, but sometimes it won’t turn on, and sometimes it starts working weirdly. When a person needs to use their air conditioner fan to cool down on a scorching day, they find that their air conditioner fan is not working. And they get apprehensive about it because it seems like a huge problem. However, it can be easily fixed, and many people do the same.

Common Reasons Why Air Conditioner Fan Won’t Turn On

Solutions for the Problem

There are many explanations why the air conditioner fan won’t turn on. However, there are only a few reasons it is not working correctly, and these could be resolved with a simple fix.

The most common reasons for air conditioner fan not working are as follows:

  • There could be a blown a fuse or short in the circuit
  • The air conditioner compressor could have stopped working
  • The fan motor could be faulty
  • The fan motor could be stuck in the middle position
  • The fuse has burnt up
  • The circuit breaker is tripped
  • Broken wire connection at the switch or breaker box.
  • The thermostat is not set to the right temperature. 
  • There may be a dead battery in the remote control for your AC unit.

Essential 10 Solutions When Air Conditioner Fan Won’t Turn On

It is inevitable that sometime during the summer months, you will find yourself in the frustrating situation of not turning on your air conditioner’s fan. The air conditioner may be running, but there does not seem to be any way to make the fan function. Before calling an HVAC professional for help, try these simple techniques.

You need to understand the reason why the fan doesn’t work. There are many reasons why the fan will not work, and we need to understand them if we want to fix it.

I share some simple and easy solutions when the air conditioner fan doesn’t turn on.

Check the fan

This is one of the most uncomplicated and easy tips to check if the fan is working or not. You need to switch the power source and check if the fan works or not. If the fan is faulty, then replace it. But don’t go ahead with this tip if the fans have already been replaced a few times because it can lead to a bigger problem.

Check The Fuse and Circuit Breaker

Sometimes the air conditioner won’t work when it is very hot. Suppose there is no electricity coming through the circuit breaker. In that case, there are chances that the problem is with the air conditioner itself. So, you need to contact a technician and get it fixed immediately.

A fuse is a component used to interrupt the power supply to the circuit. Circuit breakers are a type of fuse attached to the AC circuit to prevent an electrical current from flowing into the circuit that is not needed. It is used in the circuit to ensure that the current is only passed to the necessary components.

The fuses can be either manually controlled or automatic. Manually controlled fuses are operated by hand to open the circuit so that the current can flow. At the same time, automatic fuses are designed not to need to touch them. It opens and closes the circuit when there is a surge in the voltage.

Check if the filter is clogged

If your air conditioner fan doesn’t turn on, you need to check the filter. If the filter has got clogged, it can be the reason for this problem, and if you find that the filter is blocked, you need to clean it. In this case, the clogged filter will cause the air conditioner fan not to turn on. You should clean the AC filter from time to time to operate efficiently. You need to be more careful with the air conditioners as they will negatively affect your health.

Check the wires and connections

It is widespread that if the air conditioner fan doesn’t turn on, the wires may get loose or a fault. So, if you are not getting power for the air conditioner, check all the wiring connections. Ensure that it is connected with other parts of the air conditioner properly.

Change the temperature

If you like to modify the temperature, you must consider this tip. Sometimes the temperature is too high, which may cause your AC to stop working and consume a lot of electricity. So, try changing the temperature. If you are comfortable, you can leave it, but you can change it if it is not safe.

Check the voltage

You can check the voltage by using a voltmeter and measuring the voltage of your system. If it is more additional than 15V, then the voltage is suitable, and if it is less than 15V, then the voltage is terrible.

Check the wiring

There is another way to find out what is wrong with the system. You need to remove the filter, clean the filter, and then start the system again. You need to do this process at least three times. If you have repeated this process and still your air conditioner fan doesn’t turn on, it may be due to some problem in the wiring. So, before buying any new home appliance, check all the wires and connections.

Remove the screws on the unit

Sometimes, when the fans don’t turn on, the screws become loose and don’t want to open or close anymore. If this happens, you need to remove the screws from the back of the air conditioner unit and make sure that all the screws are well tightened.

Change the fan direction

If you want to make sure that the fan operates effectively, you need to change its direction. Make sure that the fan is set upward; it will help cool off your room quickly.

Check if the fan motor is broken

The fan motor may be damaged, so you should check if it is working or not and if it is damaged. You can easily replace the fan motor by opening the cover of your air conditioner and removing it. If the motor is broken, you can replace it with another one.

Air Conditioner Solutions Depending On Situations

Air Conditioner Fan Won't turn on Solutions

Air conditioners come packaged with a variety of features and options to suit the needs of every homeowner. Some device models may be too expensive for your budget, while others might not fit your window frame. Plus, air conditioning units vary in size and power usage, so it’s essential to match your unit to your home’s size and energy efficiency.

It’s no mystery that air conditioners are costly to purchase and maintain. That being said, it is essential to make sure you know what kind of unit you want to buy before engaging in the purchase. Understanding your needs for any given situation will help determine what type of unit will best suit your needs.

Air Conditioner’s Fan Isn’t Spinning, And You Can’t Hear The Compressor.

If the compressor is not running, the electrical power to the unit may have been cut off. The compressor is stuck on because it is not getting power.

This could be caused by the following:

  • The compressor is flawed and requires to be replaced. 
  • There is a block in the system, and it needs to be cleaned out. 
  • The capacitor has failed, an electrical component that provides a short-term surge of power for your AC unit when you turn on the switch.

Now, you should do the following:

  • Turn off the breaker that supplies power to the unit. 
  • Review to see if there is a misstepped circuit breaker in the room or at the main service panel that supplies power to your unit, which will need to be reset. 
  • If these are not possible, you can have an electrician come out and check for any short circuits or blown fuses in your wiring and repair them before they become dangerous conditions that could cause fires or electrocution.

Air conditioners operate a fan to circulate the cold air and a compressor to produce cold air. The fan makes the noise, but it can’t produce any cold air without a compressor. If the fan isn’t spinning, the compressor has likely failed.

The Compressor Is Fine, But The Fan Still Isn’t Spinning.

The fan motor could be a problem if the air conditioner’s compressor is fine, but the fan still isn’t spinning. If the fan motor is bad, it would need to be replaced. 

Therefore there are three possible solutions to this problem.

  • First, the compressor may be dirty and need to be cleaned. 
  • Second, the fan may not be spinning because it is damaged or clogged with dust. 
  • Third, you can also check the motor’s connection and power source by using a multimeter.

If the compressor is not turning, then it may be that the capacitor has failed and needs to be replaced. There may be a relay issue if the capacitor is still working, the fan isn’t running. 

If you’re unsure about which relay to replace or if your air conditioner has more than one relay, it’s best to call an AC repair company for help with this step.

You can follow the below tips:

  • First, you should check if the fan is getting power from the wall outlet by checking for a light on the fan or switching on an electrical circuit tester. If it is getting power, then there might be a fuse blown in the unit that can be replaced. 
  • If not, you may require to reach your local repairman to get help fixing this issue because it could mean something wrong with the compressor and needs to be replaced.
  • If you can listen to the fan spinning, but it’s not spinning, then you may have a broken belt or loose pulley. To check if this is the case, take off the side panel of your unit and make sure that all belts are still in place. If they’re not, then your system will need to be serviced by an authorized service technician.
  • If you have just recently replaced the belt on your air conditioner, there might be something wrong with it, and you’ll need to replace it again. You should always replace belts on air conditioning units when they show signs of wear or damage. 
  • The problem could be that the compressor is not getting power because the compressor relay has failed. Try to find the capacitor and see if it’s leaking or burnt out. You could also check for loose wiring, bad connections, or a blown a fuse.


Air conditioning is the most common home appliance used by people in the modern world. You should know the proper maintenance of the air conditioners because if you do not follow this step, you will face some significant problems. So, pursue these easy and manageable steps to avoid this problem and have a good experience owning an air conditioner.

I expect these suggestions will help you fix air conditioner problems and troubleshoot them. It is better to follow the above information to ensure that you do not face any situation in the future. If your air conditioner fan is not working even after checking all the possibilities mentioned above, it would be best to call a professional repair technician. They will check the whole system and ensure that the fan doesn’t have any mechanical problems.

FAQ – Air Conditioner Fan won’t Turn on

FAQ - Section

Can AC work without fan?

Yes, air conditioners can work without fans. The fan is used to circulate the cold air created by the AC unit, but the AC unit will still create cold air if the fan isn’t working. 

Where is the blower motor reset button?

All window AC units have a reset button on the outside casing. It can be found under the plug access door or on the lower front of the unit. Resetting air conditioner fan might help if it doesn’t turn on after being used for some time, but if it doesn’t work, there is something more serious going wrong inside.

How to know if AC blower motor is bad?

One of the easiest ways to tell if the blower motor on your window air conditioning unit has gone bad is by using something called Ohm’s law. However, keep in mind that this will only be able to tell you whether it’s sending power down your line or not – it won’t tell you anything about why it may not be working or what might be wrong with it. 

Why Your AC Thermostat Has a Fan Switch?

The fan switch on an AC thermostat is used to control whether or not the blower motor in the air conditioning unit turns on. When the fan switch is turned on, the blower motor will turn on and blow air through the ducts and into the room. When it’s turned off, the blower motor will stop blowing air. 

AC thermostats typically have two fan settings: „Auto“ and „On.“ The „Auto“ setting means that the AC thermostat will automatically control whether or not the blower motor turns on. The „On“ setting means that the blower motor will always be turned on, regardless of what the temperature is set to. 

How to Test Your AC Fan Motor?

There are a few different ways that you can test your AC fan motor to see if it’s working properly. One way is to use a multimeter to test the electrical current going into and out of the fan motor. Another way is to check the fan blades to see if they’re spinning. 

If you’re not comfortable doing any of these tests yourself, you can always call a technician to come and do it for you. But before you do, here are some basic steps on how to test your AC fan motor: 

1) Remove the cover from the air conditioning unit and locate the fan motor.

2) Use a multimeter to test the fan motor’s electrical current going into and out. The multimeter should be set to the „resistance“ setting.

3) If the fan motor is receiving power, it will show up as a reading on the multimeter. 

4) Use a screwdriver to spin the fan blades on the fan motor. 

5) If the fan blades are spinning, the AC fan motor is working properly. If they’re not spinning, there might be something wrong with the fan motor. 

6) Reinstall the cover on the air conditioning unit. 

7) Repeat these steps for each room in your house that has an air conditioning unit. 

If you’re having trouble with any of these tests, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing them yourself, you can always call a technician to come and do it for you. But before you do, be sure to check the wiring to see if there are any loose connections, and try resetting the air conditioner fan.

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